A vision of instant messenger for your enterprise

Millions of small businesses use instant messenger like WhatsApp for more than casual chat. They share business data, coordinate with their work force and receive customer orders in a noisy environment
So we invented Syncapp. Syncapp is an open messaging platform for small enterprise that needs to engage with distributors, customers, service technicians and employees through structured data

Chat for your enterprise

Syncapp provides low cost solution to small and medium enterprises to exchange real time structured data among its employees, customers, vendors and partners. Syncapp has constructs to control visibility and privacy of fields, rich analytics and reports and mechanisms to integrate with enterprise ERP tools while retaining the simplicity of an industry standard instant messenger
There are millions of Repair centers, Cable Installers, Cell tower maintenance, Couriers, Transporters, Logistics service providers, Pick-up and delivery services, Event managers especially in developing countries that can benefit from our technology

If you use WhatsApp for your business you would love Syncapp. Syncapp is designed from bottom-up to be hub of your enterprise. Open your store on Syncapp. Today!




Post a message with action attached for the message receiver. You can post forms for collecting enterprise data


Per Post Privacy

Control visibility of posts by making votes and comments private or making message auto delete or freeze after certain time


Dynamic Groups

Forward the post to customers, employees or vendors. For deeper engagement they can forward the post further maintaining the context


Comments in Message

Send messages under a post so that all your conversation stays in one thread. You can get out of the whole conversation and all the future conversations with just delete of the post


Channels and Exchanges

One to many and many to one messaging so that you can engage your followers with posts. The channels can be made searchable so others can find what you are offering


Channel Store

Find channels or exchanges and place orders or consume content. You can publish your own channels and exchanges with ease as well


Export, Import, Reports

Rich export-import of data, reports, API and deep linking to integrate with enterprise ERP tools, bots and user agents



Combine channels, groups, posts, reports and roles of your enterprise into one unit so all your contacts stay focused on the job at hand. This reduces noise significantly for your enterprise



Deploy enterprises to all your enterprise contacts across the world and customize their experience and manage the membership from one phone. This improves adoption of your enterprise and reduces TCO of the app significantly


Language Translation

Not every contact of your enterprise understand English. Allow them to fill the forms in their language, while you see the data in your language


Forms & Roles

Accept data from your users through complex forms with 100s of fields using over 25 different field types. Forms support role based field visibility, privacy and other settings to manage user experience. You can attach form rules to control the fields even further


Media & Attachments

Attach images, videos, audios, documents, stickers and location in your chats just like your regular instant messenger. You can even save the posts you like so you can resend them as your own

Be a Pioneer

Syncapp is undergoing trial runs at 50+ enterprises. Try Syncapp and let us know how we can help.

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